About Us

Who We Are

Digital Consultancy

We are a digital strategy and design consultancy, based on the mid-north coast of NSW.

Forward Thinking

Change is constant in the online world. We make sure you are keeping up with the changes.

Problem Solvers

We take a creative approach to problem-solving, and will work with you on the solution.

Customer Support

Our customer service and support is here when you need it, anytime – day or night.

About MM Media

MM Media is a boutique web strategy and information design group.

We began developing websites in 1994 – shortly after the World Wide Web was born. Our passion is all things digital, and our aim is to help demystify this world for you.

We offer a specialised and quality service. We will advise you of both the advantages and constraints of the various technologies available, and assist you in articulating your requirements.

We are independent, trustworthy, and personable. We are not marketers, so we won’t seek to lock you in to long-term contracts, or sell you services you don’t need. But we do have a good track record of finding creative digital solutions to business problems.

We’re simply here to help. Contact us today.

10 “must haves” for a business web site

1. Original and fresh content
2. Simple, clean design
3. Prominent contact information
4. Clear ‘calls to action’
5. Mobile device friendly
6. Links to Social Media
7. Easy to navigate
8. Professional imagery
9. Optimised for search engines
10. Customised email address

There are many more important features, such as a good domain name and quality web hosting to consider as well. But if your web site doesn’t at least pass the Top 10 “must haves” test, you are going to find it difficult to convert your visitors into customers or clients. Talk to us today about what we can do for you.